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Let's Play A Game

It's called, "If I had my shit together..." What big or small things about your life would be different if you did, in fact, have your shit together?

  • I'd shop, prep, and pre-cook a lot of my food for the rest of the week so I could eat more healthfully.
  • I'd have a collection of sundresses strategically hanging (tastefully, of course) around my house so I could throw something on when the doorbell goes.
  • I'd have clean floorboards and chair rails at all times.
  • I'd have the litterbox cleverly hidden, and such a lack of hairballs you wouldn't know I have two cats.
  • I wouldn't have a bajillion plastic test tubes that I can't remember what my husband was going to do with.

Seriously, what do I do with a bajillion plastic test tubes??

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