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Let's Play "Annoying Thing/Positive Thing"

Annoying Thing: My mom has a bad habit of buying me food without asking. I'm trying to eat healthier and she's just informed me that she bought me a Fatburger on her way home. I won't be eating this burger for another 2 hours because I'm still at work and I have a long commute. I hate cold fast food. She knows this. I told her this last time she did it but she continues to do it. I don't know how to get it across to her to STAHP without being an asshole about it. I told her that I'll eat it this time but for future reference, I prefer them fresh and not sitting for hours. She said ok. I have no doubt in my mind that she'll do it again within the next few weeks. I've asked her to stop buying me food without asking just in general. She says ok. She still does it.

Positive Thing: I'm house sitting again this week! At the house with the GIANT tv and the cute little corgi and the sweet kitty who actually lets me pet him. So I'll be free for the next week to do whatever the hells bells I want!


ETA: Yes this was just an excuse to bitch about the food thing. Who DOES that? I mean, how hard is it to ask?

Anyone else want to play?

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