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Let's Play Guess The Blind Item!

This A list couple is married. They were co-stars and then became lovers. Our actor already had a significant other in his life, but he really wanted his co-star. So, he told his thengirlfriend he would be working late, got a production assistant to let him into the actresses' trailer and was waiting there for her naked as the day he was born. Unfortunately she was not alone, as her assistant had come with her. The assistant saw what she saw and then went away. Apparently the rest of it worked though since the couple got together.

Post your best guess. I will do an edit and post the answer here in 20 minutes. GO.


Times Up! It was Daniel Craig and Rachel WHO CARES GET YOUR HANDS OF MY MAN YOU GODDAMN WITCH!!!

Interesting. So he just shows up naked in people's rooms. Well, when Daniel pops in to comment (as he is prone to do) we'll have to ask him about this story.

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