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Let's Play the Name Game!

Are you creative? Would you like to come up with business titles with me?

Here's the dealio. ManJive is wanting to start a small business on the side to make some extra cash. He's been teaching since he was let go last summer, and is struggling under the (not insubstantial) pay cut. We live in a tiny little town, where there are a dozen restaurants, but no delivery service. OUTRAGE!


He wants to own a delivery service, no location, just a surcharge of $10 for deliveries. He used to do deliveries in college, so this is a feasible idea.

The only business titles we've been able to come up with are something along the lines of Flash Foods. I've been trying to come up with something that rhymes with our town name: Cuero. But it doesn't really matter.

Help hivemind!

ETA: I just published this as private? And I don't know how to go about changing that, but I wanted it to show up on the Groupthink page, so I republished. Gah!


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