Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Let's Pretend!

Here is a game. Let’s pretend we’re an editorial staff, looking for ideas. No, an actual editorial staff. Stop that.

I have a few. Let’s be both silly and serious.

1. I would like a series on each political candidate for President. Not what underwear they are wearing, but a very objective, in-depth piece on each one’s stances and past stances and any future changes they’d like to make. We could call it The Serious Clown Car. haha No, strike that last part, but really, that would be good.


2. I’d like an in-depth story on all the disappearances in our national parks. Serial killer? Really foolish people without maps or sense?

3. Make-up: A featured make-up product each week. By this, I mean the big picture, not one single product. Like one week, we look at different mascaras and which ones seem to work the best, and so on.


4. A cooking blog

5. A look into shitty legislation, like Citizens United. Really in-depth discussion of what it would take to understand/overturn/deal with each piece of legislation.


EDITED TO ADD: I’m going off to pretend I have a job for a few hours, but these ideas are great. Really great. Please keep going.

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