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Let's Read A Song of Ice and Fire, part six!

Game of Thrones part six! Pages ~600-700

All right. Now that I'm done with major major writing projects for the summer, I'm going to bring you part six of my read through of Game of Thrones. What I know for certain right now is that everything seems to be coming apart in a number of directions, and I'm not sure how the pieces are going to come together. Anyway, to the chapters.


Catelyn: We get some interesting strategic information about this location with the three towers – that may not come up in this conflict here, but it's unlikely to be a one off mention. And Catelyn reads between the lines of Sansa's letter. Good. Someone who puts their ability to read to good use is someone we should want to remain alive and active as long as possible.

Tyrion: Strategy session with dear old dad. I admire the attention paid to strategy here. And not even the pretence of intending to keep Tyrion alive through this.


Sansa: She's at the center of a lot of the political action now. With time, she'll begin to pick up on what's happening. Joffrey does some title conferring, names Sandor to the Kingsguard, and names Jaime the captain of the Kingsguard. Which means Barristan's on the outs – lucky for him he's able to escape. I wonder what Joffrey's role here is – is he puppet to his mother, or is he acting somewhat autonomously? His answer to Sansa's request is unclear.

Eddard: He's alive, but not doing so well. Varys here is interesting. He's got his own agenda – serving the realm, but always so he has a position of power to serve from. He's trying to teach Ned to swallow his pride and honor. We'll see how well that works.


Catelyn: These Catelyn chapters are beginning to resemble Robb chapters more than anything. The things you need to do to corral disobedient vassals, though.

Jon: He gets a sword. The big reveal here, though, is Maester Aemon is a secret Targaryen. Should have been able to tell – their names tend to have a pattern nobody else's does – the prominent ae: Daenerys, Rhaegar, Aemon… Viserys is the only one I can think of without it. Now that we know there's one out there, why not Jon?


Daenerys: All hail Daenerys, Khaleesi and stopper of many rapes! I'm hoping that the animosity Qotho has toward her leads somewhere, somewhere where Daenerys is able to use her respected position as the mother to the Stallion who shall Mount the World to change Dothraki culture.

Tyrion: I'm a sucker for a good battle scene, and this one delivered. Lannister victory here, but a Lannister victory planned by Robb. The boy's got brains and good advisors. The Lannisters are going to have a hard go of it if they keep thinking of him as just a child.


Catelyn: And the second part of Robb's strategy goes without a hitch. They've got the Kingslayer in custody now. Just have to wait and see what they do with him.

Things of importance:

* Robb has a bargaining chip in the form of Jaime Lannister. We'll have to see if he escapes or if Robb will actually put him to use.


* Expect some big infighting within the khalesar as a result of Dany's actions here. People don't generally react well to having their license to rape taken away.

* Varys is playing a long game. He's going to definitely be the spanner in the works for a number of things.


* Arya and the wizard dude are still in play. Either could come up at the worst time for their respective enemies.

* One secret Targaryen means the possibility is on the table for a second.

*Ser Barristan is a free agent. Likely to be drafted by the Starks at some point.

Predictions pulled out of my ass:

* Joffrey, being Joffrey, will grant Sansa's request for an audience with her father. I'm not quite seeing Ned dropping honor, but perhaps making an intentional sacrifice play and forcing Joffrey to have him executed in exchange for safety for his daughter? I don't know. Not really much of a prediction and more of a fuzzy maybe.

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