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Let's Send Out Positives!

For once, things with me are going pretty well, and I want to share the love! Today, I am proclaiming it Have A Hella Good Day Monday! Even though it's Monday. Post what you're happy about, or if you need some positives and warm fuzzies sent your way.

For me, school is going ok, I have a meeting for classes which will force me to stay on campus and study, and I'm really connecting with a guy. Halloween is this week, and I'm excited!

I've solved some problems, and cut out a lot of maladaptive behaviors. I quit smoking and have been channeling my energy into writing and drawing. Caught the exercise bug and my arms are toned! Everything is coming up roses, even if some things smell like fertilizer.


So, share your good news, bright sides, and some sunshine. Also free hugs, lot's of love, and encouragement will be given out like trick or treat candy!

Let's start with Miss Dolly! She's the best, in my opinion:

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