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Let's Share Our Favorite Apps!

What do you like and why? Games, organizational things, period trackers, fitness trackers, language learning, shopping, ride sharing, whatever!

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Two of my favorites:

  • Duolingo. Free language learning service for Apple and Android. It’s very easy to get started and it feels more like a game than learning. You get points which you can use to buy phrases, Christmas greetings and such. They did a major update recently that introduced a whole bunch of cute and diverse characters. We also have a Duolingo leaderboard going here on Groupthink so you can add your Groupthink peeps and compare your progress!
  • Snorelab. To my knowledge, it’s just for Apple at the moment (ETA: it’s on Android too!) There is a free version and a $5 version that allows you to track more accurately over time. I love the look of it. You can listen to the recordings which is kinda creepy but valuable. It gives you factors to input that might contribute to the snoring (weight, alcohol, blocked nose, exhaustion, dehydration and more) so you know what you can do differently to stop. I’ve wondered if I snore FOREVER and never could get a boyfriend or a sister or a friend to tell me if it was the case since they were usually sleeping when I was sleeping. Well...Snorelab revealed that when I’m sick, I snore pretty badly. The more weight I gain, the worse I snore. And the colder my room is, the worse I snore. So I’ve been making small adjustments over time to relieve my snoring and it works! I used to wonder why some nights I’d wake up every hour or so and it was because I was waking myself up with my own snoring! But I’ve lost some weight, I keep my room a bit warm and since my summer cold has gone away, I’ve only been recording gentle breathing. Huzzah!

Tell us about your favorite apps!

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