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Let's share summer recipes that don't involve the use of an oven/little use of stove

My small house has terrible insulation and turning on the oven guarantees an immediate spike to 80+ degrees. It’s pretty miserable. I combat this by trying to only use the grill, crockpot, and a variety of salads. I’m interested in varieties quinoa and couscous salads (because both quinoa and couscous cook really quickly). I already make a couscous salad with fruit and nuts and a greek-style quinoa salad. I’d love some suggestions that I perhaps haven’t thought of.

A family favorite summer salad recipe in my house is watermelon salad. I use arugula or spring greens, diced watermelon, thinly sliced red onion, feta, and chopped walnuts. I usually make some sort of balsamic dressing for it.


Our favorite couscous salad recipe is boiling water with a little sugar dissolved in it, and cranberries/raisins also (because the water helps plump them up), and adding and cooking the couscous. I usually mix it with grapes (halved), melon, diced apple, and some sort of chopped nut (usually walnuts). I toss it with cinnamon.

We use the grill a LOT too.

So, any cool salad recipes or summery crockpot meals (is there even such a thing?)?

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