Last week, was probably one of the worst weeks of my life.

SO I recently got a promotion at my job. I went from contract work at the company I'm at, to a full time position.
Boy was I excited. Received the paper work, filled it out, now I was just waiting to be confirmed.

So I hadn't heard anything, and the following Monday was my 'official' start date, so I asked the boss was everything ok, and she hadn't heard anything either so she gave them a call but didnt get a call back (this was on Friday). Saturday, after a fun day with the family, I checked the main and YAY, it was my (what I assumed) to be my introduction packet.

So I start reading, and the opening line is something along the lines of "Based on the information in this background check, you're fired" (it was not that blunt, but it basically said don't bother coming back).

I read thru my background check packet and what do you know, I have a FELONY DRUG CHARGE under my name. It shows I spent 1 year in jail, 3 years probation. Great.
NOW the back story. 2008, my cousin got arrested carrying drugs (I assume cocaine). Instead of using his name he used MY name. So there was a period of time that, if you looked up my name, it would actually show me being jailed. This isnt the first time my cousin has done this, but usually it would be for speeding tickets. Well we went to his court case where he told the judge his real name. We asked the judge then, would I need to do anything to clear this from my record. He assured me I was in the clear, nothing to worry about.

Fast forward to 2013, Mind you I had already been working there for 2 years, and I had a previous background check come back clear. So this was on a saturday. No public records office or court office is open. So I spend 8 hours the following monday getting finger-printed and getting whats called a "Judicial clearance",to prove that the felony charges are not mine. I send them over to the office, apparently its going to take a week to process (they had already sent another letter basically stating they had processed my termination).
LUCKILY, the boss managed to pull strings, and showed them the urgency of getting back to work, until this gets cleared
Current status: promotion on hold, and I'm in limbo about the whole thing

This isnt a contest or anything, I was wondering if anyone else has had a BAD CASE OF IDENTITY THEFT?