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Let's shoot the shit about beauty products.

I've got some random stuff on my mind and I'm bored out of my gourd being home and sick on a Saturday.

1. Eyebrows. I feel like a failure when it comes to my eyebrows. The hair is coarse and super dark, but kinda patchy. I use tweezing exclusively to shape and I always have a few little dark stubbies that are too small to catch. What's your method? (I'm looking at you, LaComtesse)

2. I recently used some of my points at Sephora to get the Bumble and Bumble mini shampoo/conditioner/hairspray set. They work alright, but they STINK. They smell like chemicals and baby powder. I know that brand is stoopid expensive too, what a waste. I'll probably use them up anyway because I don't really have any shampoo or conditioner that I'm excited about lately. My hair is super fried from a lot of chemical overprocessing. I'm debating just dying it purple or something because it's not getting any healthier and I'm bored with it. Any recommendations for really good shampoo and conditioner that aren't insanely expensive?


3. I did my nails last night with a jelly polish and managed to get them not *completely* covered in super visible bubbles. Apologies for my mangled cuticles, this is how my anxiety manifests sometimes.

The color is a little richer cobalt blue in person, it's so pretty!

Anyone else have anything to say or ask about stuff?

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