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There is a family farm near where I live that is just wonderful. The son who now runs it opened it to the public about 5 years ago; simple tent on the edge of the acreage. He & his wife are both teachers so it’s a good summer gig, though labor intensive for sure. Grandparents & kids are involved. The love really shows in their crops & the crops they grow are really thoughtful in that they know their market. They give Jersey corn & tomatoes a beautiful tribute:)

They now have gorgeous Winter Squash. I bought a spaghetti squash and cooked it for me & Mr. 4th of July last night. Simple; just salt and a little butter. I cook butternut squash & freeze to make stuffed shells all winter. That’s really tasty. All you need to do is replace half of the ricotta cheese of any recipe with mashed butternut.

They have many varieties now but from memory there is Butternut, Spaghetti, Acorn, Sweet Dumpling & Butter Cup. Also, Cinderella (sugar) Pumpkins, which are flatter & lighter in color than Halloween pumpkins and I understand are the kind you want to cook & eat.


With recipes all over the inter~tubes to try, I’d rather try some recipes that y’all have made and liked from any of these varieties.

So, GT, squish me/us with your squash recipes :)

Cinderalla Pumpkin

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