I'm feeling kind of serious on this cold quiet evening.

I love that Dodai is doing the articles about winter clothes, but I took the time to look at just about every boot commenters suggested, and none of them come in a wide calf. Everything is a 'medium to regular calf'. What is a 'regular' calf? I'm assuming not fat. If I google search 'Wide calf snow boot' I don't get a whole lot of options. Lane Bryant, Avenue, Torrid and the like sell a lot of leather heeled boots! Which in no way is helpful in the 5+ inches of snow I currently have. Or the 1ish inch of ice on top of said snow. When looking at sites like Merrel, or Columbia or Sorel, none of them sell a wide calf boot (that I can find). Am I, as a larger person, not in need of a snow boot? Is not wanting wet feet, or slipping on ice meant to be a concern for me? While, yes, I'm looking for suggestions, I'm also looking for reasons. Reasons why I can't find a boot to find my roughly 22" calf. Is that excessively large? Probably, but that's another discussion for another day.

I too, want to be stylish, yet warm in the winter. But guess what? Pretty difficult to do. I haven't owned a jacket or coat in five years. Because I refuse to look like the Stay-Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. Nor do I want a coat that the buttons pop every time I sit down. ModCloth has amazing coats, but few if any are great for very cold weather or for larger women. At this point in life, I just lie and tell people I don't get cold when asked why I don't have a jacket. I live in hoodies and gloves for the winter. It could be negative temperatures and I'll only have a hoodie on! I got lucky about 3 years ago, and found a slightly puffy vest at Target a few years ago, but it no longer zips and has no sleeves. But I still wear it, because it's all I have. I refuse to believe I'm the only one with these problems.

I realise this is not a new argument. Could I exercise and lose the weight? Yes, but I would like some clothes/shoes for the mean time. I don't care to be naked, and no one wants to see me naked (sarcasm! Kind of). I'm also not attacking Dodai, in anyway. I like the articles, and am looking forward to reading about and maybe finding a winter coat. I'm just tired of being so excited about fashion only to be let down because I literally don't fit in.