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Let's talk about cat butts

The first time I applied for authorship on GT, I said I would mostly talk about my cat. Lo, it has come to pass.

I think my cat has developed chronic anal sac blockage (which btw is my new band name). She’s had two abscesses on her butt near her anus. I can’t prove anything, but that sure sounds like an infected anal sac to me. Once is “this is a thing that happens.” Twice is “your cat has a chronic problem.” Has anyone had to deal with this? Is there a way to prevent blockages? She hates having her butt touched, and she is aggressive when she is miffed. I’m not looking forward to the prospect of expressing her glands.

She’s not fat, although she does have excess skin from being fat. She can reach her butt to clean it, though, so it’s not an issue of not cleaning herself.


Other possibly relevant information: She doesn’t poop every day, and she frequently seems to have pain pooping. I was attributing this to constipation and adding fiber and stool softener to her food. Maybe the pain is due to inflamed anal sacs?

Help me GT, you’re my only hope (except my vet, who I will soon go to).

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