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Welcome To The Bitchery

Let's talk about Divergent

So I just saw the movie. I enjoyed it but I haven't read the books yet so I'm confused about some things. Sounds to me like the Divergents should be in charge because they have more than one kind of intelligence, and that would come in handy. And if Erudite wants to kill divergents because they don't conform (which is stupid, but I get it) what does that have to do with wiping out Abnegation?

Also, Dauntless? They should be renamed "Dumb As Hell." I'm sorry but jumping out of a moving train doesn't make you brave. It makes you stupid. and very bad at risk assessment. How are they supposed to protect anyone if they all end up dead from their second rate parkour?


ETA: I actually DO what to know the answers to my questions, so feel free to spoil away in the comments. I really don't mind. If you don't tell me I'm just gonna go read it on wikipedia anyway :)

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