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Let's talk about Dream Foods!

The kinds of food that you only treat yourself to every once in a while, because it’s expensive. Or you can’t cook often because the ingredients are hard to find or seasonal. Or a meal you had while traveling that you remember with a deeeeep sigh. eta: Something a family member makes that only they know how to do well.

  • I love sea scallops. I fucking love them, simply seared in butter. At $24 per pound they are a luxury. Me & Mr. 4th cooked a half pound (with other stuff) for our Valentines Day dinner.
  • I LOVE pho. I make a cheat~y version occasionally at home because there are no Vietnamese restaurants near me. I do have an Asian Supermarket nearby, so that’s good, but I would eat it every day if I could.
  • eta: My Grandmother’s cole slaw, that only my Uncle seems to be able to replicate.

How about you? I’m going to go get dinner started, not scallops or pho sadly, so talk amongst yourselves for awhile:)

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