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Let's talk about fat

I want to talk about fatness.

I am a fat person. I wasn’t fat until recently (the last year) when I started taking medication for depression and anxiety which made me balloon from a UK size 10-12 to a UK size 18. I am not comfortable yet with my body, but I accept that starvation (a technique I have used in the past) is not an option. I will eat. Sometimes I will eat cake. I have come to terms with that.


The difference in how people treat me is something I notice in various areas. From the smallest thing, the fact that no one says I look nice anymore apart from my parents, to medium sized things (I’ve been told ‘should you be eating that’ when I had a slice of birthday cake) to the for me, larger things - no one wants to date me anymore, when previously I had been quite popular with guys.

It affects me in various ways. I feel quite lonely and would like a partner but there seems to be no point in going on dates because all they see is my weight. One guy I met from OKC did a double take and look of disgust when it was me that turned up (I do put that I’m overweight on my profile). That was extremely hurtful and ruined my self esteem. Further self esteem-ruining comes from never being told I look nice when I’ve made an effort. I feel like it’s not possible for me to look nice anymore.


Being told ‘should you be eating that’ just pisses me off. I eat a reasonably healthy diet, mostly food made from scratch, and if I want to eat something naughty now and again, I will. I don’t want my weight to define me.

So, I’m opening this thread to the masses of GT to discuss weight, how you are treated, how you are affected, any thoughts you have. This is your thread.

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