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Abstract: This post discusses both pizza and pie recipes. Not pizza pie recipes, although I guess maybe that is a thing too, idk that reminds me of deep-dish which I'm morally opposed to.

My coworker just came to my desk and typed something in my browser only to see "carbonara pizza" come up as an auto-fill. She looked at me all

but then asked if this pizza existed and I was all NO ITS NOT REALITY YET JUST A DREAM because the pizza apparently exists only in my mind and not on the interwebs. I mean there are some recipes but either they use heavy cream or canned alfredo sauce which is a big nope nope for me. So this evening I am going to try to make my own version of what I think is right, so wish me luck? If anybody has any helpful hints about making a pizza with a sunnyside egg on top and best practices for making the egg gooey and perfect, i vant them.

Also, I discovered in my freezer a frozen pie shell. So now I want to make a pie. I'm not really a baker so if you have a good pie suggestion that is somewhat chocolatey and/or peanut buttery for a novice baker, I would like it. Plis.


I have been working straight since Sept. 14th with no weekends, waking up at 5-6 am most of the time, and tomorrow is my first day off. So I will COOK AND EAT ALL THE THINGS.

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