Since this is one of my pet peeves and there are currently two separate articles today on the Gawkerverse about this, let's talk about gluten! Specifically gluten fad dieters.

So basically, from my limited research, my understanding is that unless you have a gluten allergy/sensitivity or actual celiac's disease, there's really no need to be gluten free. In fact I remember reading once that abruptly going gluten free for no real/diagnosed reason can actually fuck with your digestion.

My issue isn't those people. My issue is the "ZOMG HAVE YOU HEARD THAT GLUTEN FREE IS SO MUCH HEALTHIER AND WILL HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT?!?!?" crowd. The hipster, "my food is better/cleaner that yours" crowd. The "I didn't actually do any research, but [X]-free foods are totes healthier" crowd. The fad dieters.

For several reasons. I feel like it trivializes the needs of people who actually have these allergies and sensitivities. That's the main one. But the one that REALLY bugs me is the smug superior attitude that comes with the idea that they're somehow "better" for "treating their bodies better" and the judgement of people who can't afford to do the same. Because of course, as the demand increases, so does the price, and the poors can't afford all the fancy gluten free stuff at Trader Joe's. They likely can't even afford to get to the nearest one. And that feeds into the ideas about "the poors are just fat because they're too lazy to eat properly!" and that attitude TICKS ME OFF.


So... yeah...

On the other hand though, the fad dieters are making gluten free "trendy" which in turn makes more options available to people who actually need gluten free foods, so maybe not a completely terrible trade-off?


Anyway, I'm off to take a shower. I know people are SUPER SENSITIVE about their food, so feel free to flame away in my absence. Should only be 10 minutes or so. I mean, or don't. I don't really want to get yelled at.