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Let's talk about grief

The Unconsoled and I had an exchange on the post I made last night, and thought it might be useful to have an open thread about grief and grieving.

Grief is one of those things that few people want to talk about. It's scary, it's huge, and if you haven't experienced it, you know you probably will someday. People shy away from it. For those who are actively grieving, it's easy to feel completely alone with it. After the "I'm so sorry for your loss"-es have faded, and the flowers have died, it can be hard to find other people who actively want to engage with you on the subject.


I feel that grief is so incredibly important to the human experience, and that open discussion can always help diffuse fear. So, can we talk? Can we be support for one another? Even if you just need to let it all out, to have some public recognition for your grief, to be able to say, "this matters," go ahead and do it. Here is your space. If you have never grieved, but want to know about the experiences of others, or have questions, or fears, here is your space.

Have at it.

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