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Let's Talk About Hair

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OK, cards on the table y'all.

I'm a white girl. I have LOTS of hair, but it's very fine. It's wavy, there's a little body to it, but I find I hit road blocks when I'm doing my hair. If I'm going to a nice event, I usually just bust out the curling iron. My hair is so thin and unpredictable, I can't really do much with it. I'm looking for ideas. I have a really hard time straightening my hair, as I have those thing wispy wings at my temples, that refuse to obey the heat of the iron no matter the temperature (500), leaving me with a really odd looking do. I can tuck them back, but again, it's not very elegant.


I'm happy with the color, and I'm set on this length. When it's down it reaches to where my shoulders meet in my back. My hair looks fug-ly if I cut it short, believe me, I've tried it. And I can't do braids whatsoever. The hair just pops out of the knots and it looks real bad.

Does anybody else have hair like this? What do you do to keep things interesting?

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