Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Sunday night and I'm in the mood for some stories. I need something to change my mood.

In a nutshell, I live with my best friend and her fiancé. I love her, she's great. Her fiancé is the biggest ass to ever ass, and I would rather eat needles than hang out with him or his friends. Also, her parents come to visit far too often and her mother is just the worst. Martyr syndrome piled with guilt trips galore. Like, nothing is ever her fault and everyone is out to get her. She's just horrible to talk to and leaves everyone with an uncomfortable sad feeling. I realise I should move out, but when one lives paycheck to paycheck in retail, that's not truly feasible. I'm not really able to move back home, either, as it's too far from my job to make sense monetarily. So I'm just not sure what to do. I spend the majority of my life at work, with other friends or in my room, but I'd like to be able to actually live my life without what feels like hiding.


I'm just in a sour mood this evening and I just found out her parents are visiting AGAIN....and will be here in an hour. Anyone else have crappity housing stories to share? I just need something to remind me I could have it much worse than this. And gifs aren't working, which makes me more sour.

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