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Let's talk about our Nemesises

...Nemisi? Ah, just googled. It’s Nemeses. Anyways, let’s talk about them. I have a personal theory that most people have a nemesis in their day life.

A nemesis is someone who is the worst. Or really, lets be honest with ourselves; they’re usually not even the complete worst and may even have some redeeming qualities. It’s just that they are somehow weirdly personally the worst to you. They’re usually someone you can’t just walk away from; you work together, you’re in the same social group. You spend a lot of time wondering how other people don’t see what you see. You get rage in your heart and tense up just anticipating having an interaction with this person. It goes beyond just disliking them; they are like your horrible counterpart in some way. And again - sometimes your nemesis choice is completely irrational. I just visited a good friend who hates one of her neighbors and her husband can’t understand why because to him they don’t seem so bad. But you could just tell from the way she was describing them that her neighbor is her nemesis.


My personal nemesis is actually quite objectively a terrible person (I am not even the person she has been cruelest too - she picks on the weak who won’t stand up to her) although I have seen her be kind. She has spent the last three weeks harassing me to get extra keys for our mutual friends apartment so she and another friend can sneak in and decorate it and give a surprise party for our friend’s birthday. I tried several times and couldn’t get the keys, and was going out of town two weeks ago and said - you need a plan B this isn’t happening. Birthday friend didn’t even HAVE extra keys to her apartment.

So I feel bad though and she is making me feel guilty - and I really love Birthday Friend and want her to have a nice day - so I say welllll okay you guys can surprise her at my house and I’ll get you keys so you can decorate it there, and just a heads up I have to work til 7 on that day.


My nemesis’s response was oh no if you’re not there how will we get the birthday girl there to surprise her? I was like.... wait what??? and then politely said - Are you thinking about doing this before 7? because I’m fine if you guys want to decorate earlier but it would make me very uncomfortable to have a lot of people at my house when I wasn’t there.

The above is very true (I’d spaz out) but can we discuss that really what she was doing was accepting my offer to host a party and then not inviting me by holding it at a time when I can’t be there? WHEN IT IS AT MY HOUSE?? Who would even think of doing that? It’s bad enough that she was incredibly ungracious about my house offer “Hmm I guess that could maybe work” and when within 15 minutes of her deciding it could I had the birthday girl invited and scheduled to come over and bam, planned she just said “Well NOW we’re getting somewhere”. But seriously - I don’t understand what rock she grew up under where it wouldn’t be an obvious thing that a) you invite me to the party period since I’ve been helping arrange and b) YOU DOUBLE INVITE ME BECAUSE NOW IT’S AT MY HOUSE. The birthday girl has a meet up scheduled at a dance place at 10, so we have plenty of time to surprise her after 7pm.


Should I also mention that she has an apartment four blocks from me that she never offered? And that she had given me no details about dates, times, plans, etc for weeks and done nothing herself? I asked her about times, plan, etc and she was like “Oh nothing has changed, just the location” and I’m like great - you never told me about any of the plans before so go ahead and tell me them now. Then this morning I get a message from another friend who is wants to know if anyone is already bringing a cake and I’m like... oh I don’t know, ask Nemesis. And she was like oh - Nemesis said you were in charge of every thing.


SO tell me about your nemeses please. Who do you irrationally or rationally (or a combo of both) hate? I am so full of hate right now and because I am not a terrible person like my Nemesis I would like to redirect all of this hate so I don’t murder this girl and ruin my friend’s birthday, so please give me some juicy terribleness and let me hate all of your nemeses with you,

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