Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Let's talk about pin curls!

They are awesome!

My hair is really thin and straight and boring, and normally it will. not. stay. curled. Not without some kind of hair spray, at least. Usually I just let it be, but last night I finally decided to try out pin curls, just to see what would happen (this is something I've been meaning to do since the age of 12, when they were in the American Girl craft book). And it worked! I let them out maybe 16 hours ago, and my hair is still fucking curled. No gunk, no heat, just water and bobby pins. Sure they're a lot softer than they started out, but the curls just fell into this Rita Hayworth kind of style, and the big ones are still really defined.


This never happens, you guys. Never. A new age has begun, and it will be filled with Old Hollywood glamour.

So fellow vampires and soon-to-rise early birds: How do you like to curl (if at all)? What are your favorite hair stylings? Have any tips or tricks to share? Stories to swap?

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