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Let's Talk About Rapists.

Oh my gosh you guys, there's something that we totally don't talk about enough that I think we really need to address.

Like rapists.

But ginifur, you say, isn't the Steubenville coverage proof enough that we maybe focus too much time on the lives of rapists?


I'm not talking about that kind of coverage, sillies. Because I'm ready to take a huge, steaming dump on some rapists I know. After I take down some people contributing to rape culture.

Last night, everyone on my campus received a text and an email that a sexual assault had occurred on campus at 3AM.


Today, my eyes and ears are full of people tweeting, facebooking, and talking, and they're all saying the same thing: Don't walk home alone at night, ladiezz!


Thank you, boyfriend of my sorority sister, for pointing out that we have a campus security escort. I'm 99% sure that everyone on campus knows this, as it has been forcefully pounded into our brains at every turn and with every security system alert since freshman year. Have you ever used the campus security escort? Because I have. There are two escorts for a 40,000+ student campus. They can take up to an hour to come pick you up. So maybe it's dead week and everyone's swamped and this girl was at the library preparing for her presentation and she wanted to, I don't know, get some sleep instead of wait an extra hour for a security pick up?


Just some thoughts.

To my peers loudly proclaiming to the student lounge that it's unimaginable why ANYONE would be walking home at 3AM: weren't you just bragging about how late you were up studying? Has it occurred to you that someone may have been doing that in the library?


OK, I know I've mentioned the library a lot, but that really is the most likely place the victim was coming from, even if it hasn't been explicitly stated by the police. She was assaulted just outside the tunnel all students use to get between north campus (where the library is) and central campus (where dorms are). Logic, folks.

I'm not even going to look at our student facebook group. My face will probably look a lot like hipster Ariel in my avatar before my head explodes.


And most of all, to the rapists:

To the dickwad who molested my boyfriend while he was sleeping, I laugh in irony over the link you shared today on Facebook. "How to Treat a Drunk Girl", really? I guess this only applies to women, and not men. Because you kind of did EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THIS VIDEO IS TELLING YOU TO DO.


To the literal pile of steaming human shit who purposely got my sweet, innocent friend drunk so that you and your slightly larger pile of shit of an ex boyfriend could rape her just like you've done to multiple women in the past: thank you for giving my the biggest laugh I have ever had in my entire life today when you tweeted: "praying for the recovery of the girl assaulted by the tunnel last night #endrapeculture"




You are LITERALLY A SERIAL RAPIST. END RAPE CULTURE? YOU ARE RAPE CULTURE! You raped my friend and helped your ex boyfriend rape my friend in the hopes that he would take you back and then blamed her and your other victims for what happened. That's kind of sort of rape culture in a nut shell.


I will end with what I tweeted earlier: "Sure, maybe two bad decisions were made. BUT IDK MAYBE ONE LIKE SEXUAL ASSAULT IS WAY WORSE THAT THE OTHER SO CAN WE FOCUS ON THAT PLZ."

Sincere apologies for gratuitous use of caps.


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