Let’s have an open sex thread. Ask and answer sex questions if you want. Or just share any (awkward/funny/sexy) experience if you want. Because sex is fun and so is talking about it! (basically I want to ask questions and I want you to answer them but I’ll play nice and give a platform to everyone else too ;))

As a relatively new single I am experiencing all new things. Not that new. I mean I’ve been here before so most of it isn’t new in any way. But I do have some questions. And what kind of GTer would I be if I didn’t let GT make my life decisions/educate me, right?

Conversation with my friend :
Me : I’m going to tone it down with this sex stuff a bit.
Him : Why?
Me : Well just at least until my IUD is in.
Him : Why though?
Me : Kinda don’t wanna be a slut?
Him : Slut is a word thought up by smelly old men.
Me : Truth.


So friends, how much sex is too much sex? To be exact, how many one night stands are too many one night stands? Since singledom I’ve had 3 (about 6 weeks between the 1st and the 2nd, the second was last week and the third last night/this morning). So how much sex until I need to start wearing a badge announcing my slutdom? I’m actually not too worried about it. I do what I want when I want it, but I was surprised the thought popped up in my mind at all!

Second question! Do I need to start educating guys about what to do with condoms because 2 out of 3 had an incident of ‘pull out but condom is still in’! Now I need to go get another Morning After pil, second month in a row T_T
Also why does my vagina want to gobble up condoms? I genuinely hate condoms.


Any awkward/funny/sexy stories out there?