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Lets Talk About Sex: Where did you learn to Fu** (TMI warning)

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Sex, in all its glory and horror is not talked about nearly as much as it should be. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place. However; I do hope that one day, talking about sex and your experience is as common AND normal as talking about TV shows.


I do hope one day we reach a point where we are all are open and comfortable with sex.

SO LETS TALK ABOUT SHH! (the s word)

I'd love to hear if you're willing to share.

After todays post and comments, I was wondering, Where did you learn to fu**, have sex, make love, bone, get down, go all the way. Not all of us have the privilege of having a teacher partner, or step guides. Not all of us had a class or watched porn. At some point, the knowledge had to come from somewhere.

To try to make this fun start of with "I learn to __(use a funny phrase for sex)_____ from:"

I learn to DO THE NASTY from Sex for Dummies and Idiots guide to sex. VERY INFORMATIVE!!!!!! and also helped build a confidence. I was a late bloomer when it came to sex. So I didn't have any real desire/interest (or confidence) for sex until I get the age of 18-19 ish. So when my friends used to talk about it, I'd get quiet, couldnt relate, and quite honestly, had little to know idea what they were talking about. Sure I learned the terms from magazines, or just asked someone what they meant (terms like go down, 69, rim jobs). And I did learn the mechanics of sex during class, Penis, goes into a vagina. Makes sense I guess.


I didnt have much access to porn. My mom didnt have dirty magazines or vids to check out. (my life pre-dates the big internet boom. Woulda had trouble download porn at 56K). There was skinnamax cable, BUT THATS VERY LIMITING!

Once I got to college, I was able to finally get some more visual cues (including 'how to give oral to a women'). I MUST OF LEARNED SOMETHING or got lucky, because the person I was with gave nothing but compliments my first time at bat (which I was deathly nervous! almost enough to lose my lunch)


What about you? Knowledge is power, where did you get yours?

ETA: This was never about sharing the intimate details of your sex life. I was not asking 'what you do in bed?'. I was curious where you actually learned about the physical act. Its not something they really teach in class (or at least when I was in class they didnt)

What I imagined, is that some people would say "my parents", or "read it in magazines". If this came across as offensive, crass, vulgar, or just too much information, it was never my intent, nor am I trying to brag about being open about my sexuality
Lil history on me. Late bloomer, didnt talk about sex much when I was young, when I got older, one of the most interesting subjects in life, I used to (up until last year) host a late night radio program called 'Sex At The Beach'. Where 'being in a comfortable and SAFE place' was something we stressed more than anything. I apologize to anyone who was bothered, offended, or weirded out by this post.

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