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LETS TALK ABOUT SHH... What makes relationships?

Lets talk about SHHH, the S word (sex). Random question, but I was just curious? What do you look for before you jump into dating/relationships?

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I often thought of myself as a serial dating, and really I just dated anyone I fancied. Some of these people were like me in more way that others, but generally speaking, we did not have THAT much in common. Mostly because I'm a weirdo. I listen to hip-hop AND love classical music. I go line dancing and I go to a club and C-walk. I've always been a lil weird.

I guess I never put too much thought pre-dating/relationships. I mean I do have my deal breakers, but other than that. I was game.


What do you(or people in general) look for before they start a relationship? Is it common ground? or 'chemistry'? A 'spark'? What are the conditions for your relationships if any?

ETA: Thank You all for Your Input! I really do appreciate it!

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