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Let's talk About Sox!

Well, really about sock yarn. I know I am tiresome as hell with only posting about my hobby but I don’t feel smart enough to get talking about politics in any long sort of way, and my job is gross (oh, yeah, hey you guys I picked up a decomp today and he was gooey and his scalp stayed on the pillow! eww.) So my hobby it is! At least it;s a hobby that a lot of people seem to share, so you know. You ain’t gotta keep reading iffin you don’t wanna. :)

With the help of my handy, dandy 9 inch needles, I have become kind of adept at sock knitting- since the start of September I have finished a complete pair, I’m down to instep and toes on a pair of stranded socks and have started a pair of simple cable socks. I sort of LOVE sock making. I have asked BoyHeathen for only sock yarn for x-mas. Yay! Yarns! Huzzah!

The problem is figuring out which yarns I want to ask for. As you guys almost certainly know, I am an acrylic knitter. For large projects like afghans and blankets- acrylic makes financial sense. Also, I really appreciated the new acrylics for softness and ease of care in scarves and hats and baby stuff- which is primarily what I had been knitting. Plus, BoyHeathens mom had a serious natural fiber allergy and my brother has eczema or psoriasis (I don’t remember which one- patchy flaky itchy places? Wool irritates the hell out of him) so gifts were always in a synthetic. I have found a synthetic sock yarn that I really really like (and is brilliantly cheap) but it seems to be on the chopping block. Whomp whomp. :(


So, I have been looking at sock yarns, and hoo boy- there are like NO choices in “budget” yarn brands- Lionbrand has Sock ease, Red Heart has Heart and Sole, Paton’s has Kroy, Debra Norville(I think it’s under the Premier label) has one, and that’s like... it. After that, it’s all, well not budget. Now, I have been a yarn crafter for a long, long time. I’ve danced with the “luxe” yarns, the alpaca, the wool, the MadTosh. I clearly remember spending nearly forty dollars on a skein of Madeline Tosh Pashmins for a super special scarf for me. I remember taking it home and it tangling nearly as son as I touched it and finding knot after knot these hard little lumps in what was supposed to be smooth soft cashmere. I was so upset, I sat on the couch and cried- I think I ended up selling that scarf I was so disillusioned by the end. Anyhow, I’ve started compiling a folder of sock yarns, but jeeze- every yarn I find I dutifully check on Ravelry and they ALL seem to have super, super serious drawbacks: Super soft and bled color as I was knitting, or lovely color but pilled, too stretchy, not stretchy enough, the heel wore through after the first month of wearing them or the WORST: said it was superwash but felted.

For the first time ever as a yarn crafter I feel lost. I see all this beautiful yarn, but have NO IDEA what to ask for. I am lost on where to even start with sock yarn. I know for a fact I want a skein of the Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock in one of the 50 Skeins of Grey( which- I know yo, but the colors are SO pretty) and maybe one of their other colorways. But beyond that?I need guidance! Direction! What sock yarns do you like? Which have you had good results with? My only firm rule is that one skein makes a pair. I can’t stand finding out a skein of sock yarn only has like, 150 yards- it feels like a cop out. Also, would prefer superwash, because I am lazy about handwashing. Help me GT-wan You’re my only hope

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