I stayed home sick today because my auto-immune disease is being an a**hole, so naturally I am marathoning Star Trek Voyager. I know I am not the only trekkie on here so I thought we could nerd out together. I am going to pose (and answer) some questions to get the conversation going. Feel free to answer to these or make up your own.

Who is your favorite Star Fleet Captain?

It is neck and neck between Janeway and Picard, but Picard wins on Nostalgia

Favorite First officer?


What is you favorite Star Trek TV series?


What is your least favorite?

DS9. It would be Enterprise but frankly I don't even think it counts in regulation play.

Favorite movie?

Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan

Do you like the reboot?

Yes and no. It is entertaining to watch but I don't think it is very true to the spirit of Star Trek and has so many plot holes it aggravates my trypophobia.


(SIDE QUESTION) How does Spock survive in that cave for 30 years. Doesn't he need to get his Pon Farr on at some point?

Most irritating Character?

Any of the Ferengi.

Rank the captains in order of how many fucks they give about the Prime Directive.


  1. Captain Picard
  2. Captain Sisko
  3. Captain Kirk (OS)
  4. Captain Janeway
  5. Captain Kirk (reboot)

How many fucks do you give about the prime directive?

Moderate fucks. Probably between Kirk (os) and Janeway on the fucks scale.

Alright everyone the floor is yours! Take it away!