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Welcome To The Bitchery

One time someone ranked a bunch of Star Trek characters here, and a friend just sent me this, so I'm sharing it. A bunch of fans at a convention ranked the Star Trek movies from worst to best. My favorite part is that Galaxy Quest is #7. Fabulous, I love that movie.


I disagree strongly with some of this list. The worst movie, by far, has to be The Final Frontier. It is actually unwatchable. And I guess I'm a bad fan because I don't totally hate the new franchise, I just try to think of them as different characters and maybe not really Star Trek. So here is my ranking:

The Final Frontier



The Motion Picture

Into Darkness


The Search for Spock

Star Trek (2009)

The Undiscovered Country

First Contact

The Voyage Home

Wrath of Kahn


What do you say, nerds?

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