Spoilers, of course.

Loved it!

I have lots of questions (none of which are getting in the way of my enjoyment). Some will be answered in the next two movies. Some I’ll just have to chalk up to bad movie science. i09 has a great roundup of what most of us are asking.

But overall, I loooooooved it.

Daisy Ridley was incredible as Rey. You’re invested in her way before the whole flashback trip. She’s not just competent, but tough, brave and, despite having been bascially abandoned and left on her own, she’s a good person. And ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, the lightsaber duel! Fuck yeah! I cannot wait to see what Rey gets into in the next movie.

John Boyega was adorable. And funny! And charismatic! He is perfect for this, if they take his character in the direction I’m expecting. And I’m rooting for his crush on Rey. But, like, after she does all the important stuff she needs to do. I’m curious to see how Finn matures and ages in the next couple films. What other dirt can he give? Where else can he get into? How long until he really gets to be a Big Deal? Fingers crossed, Finn!


Adam Driver is phenomenal as Kylo Ren. He had to be. You can’t share screen with Ridley, Boyega, Ford and Gleeson and be dim in comparison. High stakes, strong co-stars. He’s so good that despite being a rapey, emotionally disrupted, patricidal, Kool-aid drinker he kinda gave me pants feels. I’m not proud, it’s fucked up, but he’s... compelling. And I had already seen plenty of Driver on Girls and never felt that way.

Not enough Poe Dameron but I think that’s coming. [Related: Poe can get it.] As far as mouthy (“So who talks first? Do I talk first or do you talk first?”), hotshot pilots go, I didn’t think anyone could encroach on Solo’s territory without seeming like a cheap imitation, but Isaac pulls it off.

I did not hate BB8. As someone who eyerolls over the Ewoks and was ready to burn it all down over Jar Jar (I do not have time for your “cutesy” bullshit, Mr. Lucas. Most respectfully. Sir.), I really expected BB8 to at least irk me. But nope, he’s good!


Chewie’s totally gonna have an expanded role in the next two films, right? Right?!

Han and Leia... bittersweet. Here is one of my favorite love stories and they’re basically estranged. No kiss, no “I love you/I know”, no “and now we’re back together.” I mean, it works, b/c it’s very realistic when you consider what happened to split them up, but... dayum. It’s one of the saddest reunions I’ve ever seen. *sniff*

Leia. My first role model. Still the single most effective, no-bullshit, git er done, badass this side of the Force. (Yes, I saw the MP post about women “finally” doing something in SW and no, I don’t want to talk about how insulting it is to just gloss over Leia’s achievements.) She got more done in one five minute meeting than Congress has achieved in the last decade.


General Hux. Oh. My. God. How much did you hate this motherfucker and still applaud Domhnall Gleeson’s acting? It’s hard to walk the fine line of sneering just enough to convince everyone this assface really walks around like that but also making the audience want to hear whatever he’s going to say next.

Need more: Lupita Nyong’o/Maz Kanata; Gwenodlyn Christie/Captain Phasma*; Oscar Isaac/Poe Dameraon (it bears repeating, okay?)

This thread has some great tidbits about the cameos and roster of Abrams actors that appear throughout.


Han Solo.

You still got it, Han. The sass. The wit. That machismo. The devil-may-care attitude. The bromance with Chewie. The heart of gold. You don’t like to admit it but you have a bit of a soft spot for lost causes. That worked out really well for you once. I’m gonna miss you, you magnificent bastard.

Luke Skywalker.

Speaking of still having it. One upon a time, you were my first crush. And now you’re my newest, all over again. The Force is definitely with you. Poe will have to wait his turn.


* C’mon, she totes got out of that trash compactor. We just didn’t see it.