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Let's talk about that school shooter game...

If you’re not aware, some assholes made a game that lets you play as a school shooter. And they’re making it available through steam. Here’s an article about it.

Couple things I wanna point out...

1. You can play as a school shooter

2. In all the promos, all the “students” being shot are attractive women.

3. You can also shoot cops.

4. Apparently there is a mode where you can be the “good guys” on the SWAT team (??) trying to stop the shooter.


5. The company who makes it is Russian.

Acid — a Russia-based game publishing house behind Active Shooter — defended the game, saying that it did not promote mass shooting or violence.



This is literally the perfect shit-stirrer game. “Edgy” misogynistic white boys will wanna play as a school shooter who gets to kill hot girls. I doubt anyone plays specifically to shoot cops, but the fact that that exists is enough to enrage the right. And for anyone else they can play “hero” as one of the SWAT team members. And it’s made by Russians. I just... And of course twitter / 4chan bots are already saying anyone who wants to ban the game on steam is attacking free speech.


Seriously America...look how fucking easy it is for them.

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