Forever21 has really outdone themselves with this number:

Of course it's for plus sizes. Why wouldn't it be, with sleeves like that? This jacket looks like a fucking misstep that 2nd year fashion design student makes in the attempt to be fashion forward/edgy. I know of what I speak...I once designed a blazer with a hood. These sleeves look like they got bunched up while being sewn into the armholes and the designer was like, "WELP! Guess they're ruched/gathered/pleated/puffy sleeves now. Deal with it!"

Ugh, the pockets. They look cheap. I mean, yes, I know this is Forever21 and they are cheap, but come on. And those fucking buttons on the lapel! Who barfed those into existence?

Also, the back of this is a fucking travesty.


I can't. Everything is coming together to conspire against humanity with this blazer. The fabric, the shoulder pads, the peplum back, the buttons, the SLEEVES. Why for all that is good would a design team not look at this and be like, "Um, let's dial it back a notch," and remove at least one of these awful things. Did they take all their rejected ideas from straight sizes and puke them onto their plus size line? Even the woman modeling this is like, "Get it off, it burns!"

As a former (and current depending on how bloated I am) consumer of plus size fashion, this shit irritates me. You'd think twice before making it for your straight size consumers, so maybe think twice or maybe possibly three times before you make it for plus size customers?