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Because you know it's going to be a clusterfuck of weird orientalism, non-intersectional feminism, and general idiocy on the mainpage.

Here's the vid:

I grew up in a Muslim household, in a Muslim community, and I'm still part of it, though I personally am atheist. All my family friends are somewhere on the spectrum of devout to don't-give-a-fuck (like me).


We're from a place which has historically has been quite liberal in it's Islam, but in recent years has become more conservative (see Iran, Lebanon, etc). It's a global trend, because oil money, wahhabis in Saudi, the internet, global conflict, whatever, a bunch of stuff who even knows.

Anyway, clearly all people who practice an Abrahamic religion have to... ignore some of the rules in the book. And I personally think it's shit that other Muslims are ragging on these girls for being "fake" Muslim because they wear a hijab but they don't live in purdah. Because they also probably don't follow all the goddamn rules because they conflict and they don't make sense.

But at the same time I feel like why wear the hijab if it's not for modesty (in dress and action), because I feel like people who choose to wear it have clearly reflected and decided that they don't want to be showy, or dressy, they want to be like... austere or ascetic or modest or something. Which is something that happens in a lot of religions and it's totally fine. But then again I'm not from a culture where the hijab is cultural and ubiquitous rather than an outlying choice that usually signals super-religiousness? So maybe if you're from Indonesia or Yemen it's different to if you're from India or Lebanon.

I don't know. Anyway, let's like talk about it and stuff!

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