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Welcome To The Bitchery

I’ve run out of moisturizer, so it’s once again time for me to look for something I like more than what I’ve been using (the CVS Cetaphil knockoff), and this time I’m looking for something with some color to it.

My face has been blotchier than usual lately and since my foundation is usually struggling by the end of the day in late spring/summer anyway, I’d like to give it some backup. Here’s what I’m looking for in a moisturizer or BB cream:

  • Comes in pale. Like, hella pale. Why do so many brands only sell this kind of thing in two or three shades? (ETA: For reference, I use this in Soft Ivory as my foundation.)
  • Under $15 for a tube that will last me at least a couple of months. I’m not spending $20/30/50 on face stuff every month. I’m just not. It’s not happening. Maybe one day I will be that person, but that day is several years and a few significant pay raises away.
  • Good for oily skin. I use a powder foundation because most regular ones leave me shiny by the end of the day, as do many moisturizers. (I’ve tried this widely-recommended BB cream before and nope, too greasy.)
  • Has sunscreen. (See “hella pale,” above.)

Aveeno and Physician’ Formula both make some that I might try (though technically Aveeno’s is a CC cream), but I wanted feedback from actual people first. Any suggestions for me? Many many thanks!

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