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Mayeinu recently posted about Ducks by Kate Beaton, reminding me how awesome webcomics (especially Hark! A Vagrant) can be. Webcomics are great. Instant access to archives makes catching up on a storyline as easy as clicking a link.

Here's what I've been reading recently:

Bad Machinery by John Allison


I love that this comic gives equal time to both the girl and the boy characters and that it captures that transition from childhood to adolescence.

Kate or Die by Kate Leth (not a serial). She also has a ton more things on her tumblr.

Leth's comics are sometimes silly, sometimes serious, and often about navigating the world as a bisexual, kinky woman.


Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, who also has a ton more things on her tumblr.


Nimona is a shapeshifting BAMF. That is all.

Family Man by Dylan Meconis


Family Man is a comic about werewolves, librarians, and academics. And it is beautiful.

What webcomics have y'all been keeping up with?

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