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Let's talk about what pisses us off!

It's noon in my corner of the world, and I'm already so mad I retreated back to my bed so I don't harm anyone. Yay Monday!

What, if anything, has you pissed off today? Big, little, doesn't matter! Get it out here!

I'll start- the wedding I'm in, the bride has decided I need to buy a customized jewelry set to wear on the wedding day. Bracelet, necklace and earrings. My ears aren't pierced, never have been. So, I get to spend extra money (that I don't have) on a set of CLIP-ON EARRINGS! That'll look even more stupid! This isn't fucking Pretty Princess dress-up, and I'm not 5. Who the fuck thinks that a person who has never worn earrings in her life would be keen on wearing them for a wedding? Piercings make me violently angry, because I think ear piercing is disgusting and dirty (my own opinion, don't attack me for it). So not only am I being forced to buy something I don't want, I have to pay extra for it! This is one more piece of junk that will clutter up my already very small living space, and I'm just not okay with it. But when I balked yesterday, she me to stop complaining and sometimes adults do things they don't want to do. Flames...flames on the side of my face.


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