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Let's talk about work.

I don't know if we've done one of these before, if so it's been a while. I know we've gotten a batch of new users with posting rights. So while things we slow I thought I would tell a bit about what I do.

I work for the IT Help Desk for the state of Oklahoma. Technically I work for a university near Oklahoma City which has a football team that will surely get no respect in the preseason rankings despite laying a beat down on Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last year.

I mainly work with employees of the agency, though on occasion we do get calls and emails from vendors who contract with the agency and even sometimes from regular citizens, usually with issues accessing a website that their case worker could not help with and who gets directed to us.


Probably the majority of what I do all day is unlocking accounts, usually for the network lockouts and also for our mainframe system. I also submit tickets for issues that we can't resolve, such as a site outage, issues with a printer/copy combo machine or scanner, or an issue with a user's machine that requires on site maintenance. My boss said from the first day that we are both a help desk and a service desk in that we do both troubleshooting and resolution of issues ourselves (help desk) and routing the incident reports to the appropriate department when we can't fix it ourselves (service desk). I honestly didn't know there was a difference.

Overall I like my work. Getting paid monthly is a PITA but I get paid a lot more than at my last job and better benefits. The environment is a lot less stressful as well. I get my own desk (DIE POINTY HAIRDED DILBERT BOSS WHO INVENTED DESK SHARING!). I get an hour lunch as opposed to a ½ hour and longer breaks. Benefits are a lot better as well. Plus for someone as tech orientated as me it's a lot better fit then doing cell phone customer service. I get to do some cool things like remote into my work computer from home if I want to. Luckily it isn't required and isn't as useful as you might think since not a lot of state business occurs on the weekends or after I leave the office. Still I may be on call someday so better to know how to do it and on call gets some extra $ which would be nice. If you missed it and are interested in techy stuff, I did a thread a while back about all the cool things I learned about the mainpage. Fair warning, this is some super techy stuff.

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