We will be painting our bedroom today. This is a huge thing for me, because the color of my bedroom is very important to me. Inordinately so. In the past I've opted for a chocolate brown, but Beau, Carlos said "No, Carlos"; he don't like that color for a slumber-chamber. Our last bedroom was a very nice light grayish blue that really grew on me ( I prefer Darker Colors for bedrooms. The easier to slumber in, my dear). But Beau don't like that neither. SO after hours at Home Depot with my mortal enemy Beau, Carlos's Eyes, we decided upon Underwater:

le swatch


what a stranger's bedroom looks like.

Our room is very bright, so I don't really worry that it will over-power.

SO tell me, what color are your bedrooms? Is bedroom color important to you? SPILL, GIRLZ (and boyz)!