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Specifically, I’m interested to hear from people who’ve done cold, overnight oatmeal and baked oatmeal. Also! Show us your favorite mug(s)! Coffee or tea, ‘salright with me!

At home, I’m boring and do a lot of toast with a protein for breakfast but I’d love to expand my breakfastual horizons. (Um, I thought I was making up “breakfastual” but it’s not underlined as a mistake...) Anyway, in the fall, I’ll be teaching at 8, which means I’ll need to get to work by 7, 7:30, so I’ll need some quick and/or prepare ahead-type breakfasts.

So, what are some great breakfasts you like? Have you tried make ahead oatmeal or baked oatmeal?


And what do your favorite mugs look like? Are you a coffee drinker? Tea?

My favorite mugs are this one I got at a Loretta Lynn concert this spring:

And a Wonder Woman mug a friend sent to me on my last birthday. When I drink from it, I see this:


And people who see me drink from it see this:


I like that that’s what they see when they see me. :D

You probably can’t tell from these pictures but these mugs also happen to be pretty big, which helps me drink lots of coffee.


Ok, your turn: tell us about your breakfasts, your caffeine preferences, and show us your mug(s)!

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