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Let's talk cookies!

I’ve given in to some gentle nudging to do more baking. I’m going to start with cookies since that’s the baked item I’m best at. Plus, I mean cookies. Need I say more?

I love shortbread. I love flavored shortbread. The lavender shortbread from the bakery my daughter works at is one of my all time favorite cookies.

I’m debating between basil shortbread or lemongrass shortbread.



These would accompany panang curry etc.

What do you think?

What type of cookies do you like to bake? What type of cookies do you like to eat? Or are cookies just not something you enjoy? Do you bake holiday cookies? I used to make really pretty icebox cookies. I actually baked so many that I had pvc pipe the right diameter that after I wrapped up the cookies they would sit in the tubes so they wouldn’t get a flat spot.

Let’s all talk about cookies!

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