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(Do I even need to mention TMI here?) Spacer goat just in case!

It’s been 13 days since my last period and today I straight up got my period again. What the hell uterus, I thought we were cool! Is this because I want to get a IUD placed?? It is. Isn’t it. You’re a jerk uterus.


Thoughts :

  1. Why is my uterus doing this?? Is this normal?
  2. I was on the pil for the last 14 years until 6 years ago, is it just making up for lost time?
  3. Does this mean I can get my IUD placed quicker?
  4. I’m still waiting for my results from my STD and whatnot test from friday.. I’m supposed to be call on friday for the results. But my period might only last for a day.. Will I miss the IUD window?

Tell me why you’re uterus is a jerk!

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