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Let's Talk Crockpots

Mainly, how I am the proud owner of a glorious new slowcooker and need recipe and cookbook referrals.

I got it yesterday and this morning I just threw some stuff in after a cursory glance at the owner's manual ("needs to a minimum of half full" Roger that, Grey Leader)


For those who use these pretty (pretty, pretty*) magic food makers, what's your go-to recipe? Or a cookbook that is so full of winners you just want to throw it in my face and tell me to read it?** Tell me all your secrets!

Also, little off topic, but has anyone's cat ever broken into a bag of sliced white bread and destroyed it before? And then you hid it on top of the fridge in more bags and covered with a dish towel but she found it anyway and destroyed whatever bread was remaining? I WAS GOING TO USE THAT BREAD FOR NUTELLA, ALLY, SO GET YOUR STUPID CUTE CAT FACE OUT OF IT. Apropos of nothing, bread boxes are surprisingly rare and Canadian Tire only carries one style. Not that we went hunting for one, or anything.

*oh so pretty. I may or may not have hugged it when I unpacked it


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