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Let's talk "disruption"

Okay, what's with the apparent re-defintion of the word "disruption"? According to the handy dandy internets, the definition of something disruptive is an adjective for something "causing or tending to cause disruption" and synonyms provided are words such as troublesome, unruly, badly behaved, rowdy, disordered ... you get the point. Yet techie types, especially out of the Bay Area keep trying to push "disruptive" as their favorite new word meaning ... innovative? I guess. Every time I see it, I can't help but think


So, imagine my surprise and absolute thrill to see that education guru Diane Ravitch basically said, "Stop trying to make 'disruption' happen in education ... it's not going to happen." Basically, it's another example of venture capitalists and business vultures swooping into education as they do pretty much anything and trying to pluck the absolute last penny they can from it. And they try to use all their buzz words as they do it. Who in their right mind thinks that the idea of "disruption" in schools is a good thing? Seriously. Spend 10 minutes in any K-12 school in the country and you'll see; the last thing anyone in those buildings wants is more of the true definition of disruption.

And whatever these non-education types mean by disruptive ... I'm pretty sure we don't want that in schools, either. Good, solid, evidence-based practices, by trained teachers. That's what we want in schools.

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