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I’ve talked with you all here about my weird ass dreams before and last week was another Premium week.

My dreams can be whole storylines, there are multiple episodes of dreams there are different genre’s. They are often vaguely unpleasant or confusing (as dreams are won’t to do) but can be cheerful or happy (Though I feel I remember those less).


Last week there was a supernatural sleep paralysis/haunting straight up nightmare (I do not have sleep paralysis, but I do dream about it), an abduction nightmare and a science fiction procedural. In this dream I worked as part of a secret government organisation in the US (or world?). We were tasked with a very specific role: When people in powerful positions were found to be abusive of their power, we would travel back in time and prevent them from ever achieving that position. This would always involve selecting a different person for the position, making them aware of the situation and offering them the position. Somehow we had jurisdiction to do this regardless of what the position was (famous company, politics, didn’t matter, we could overthrow and place people). I was a rogue agent in the sense that I never replaced a position by another straight white man, but went above and beyond to find a qualified person of color, a woman, or what have you. This was frowned upon and people didn’t like me for it, but there was no explicit rule against it and my results were always better than of other agents. So no one could force me out of my position. I Was Making The World a Better Place.

I don’t know how much of this I remembered waking up and how much my brain just filled in after waking up. Sometimes when I think of scraps of a story things just fill up and I don’t know when which bits got put into place.

Does anyone else have this? It’s admittedly kind of cool when the stories are cool like this! :D
(Though less so with the supernatural nightmare, I couldn’t sleep for quite a while after waking up from that one!)

How ‘bout it? Any interesting dreams lately? Or do you have a free account? :P

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