I have recently discovered how relaxing and wonderful face masks are! I’ve mostly been using sheet masks, but am also curious about all the different varieties out there. Anyone with experience/recommendations!?

I’ve used some from Biorepublic which have all felt nice but not made a significant difference in skin appearance. I recently used a boscia sheet mask-the detox/purify one IIRC. That one felt pretty good and seemed to help with acne for a few days.

Sidebar: It really sucks that I’m getting acne as a result of trying to be healthy and work out more. Mega sucks. Can’t win for losing.


I just got some bonvivant masks in my ipsy bag that I’m going to try out soon and also some Patchology eye gel things. I’ve tried the Sephora brand lip mask and really liked it for short term lip aid!

Now I’m on a tear to buy more and my goal is to do at least one mask a week. I’ve realized I don’t do enough to actively relax, so it’s a way to make me do nothing for 20 minutes. Sometimes I go for broke and meditate WHILE I do the face mask. Living on the edge, y’all.