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Let's talk fingernails

I LOOOOOOVE manicures. I love pretty nails, I love the feeling of taking care of myself, I love that I can decorate myself without wearing rings or bracelets, both of which I hate, because they get in my way. Right now I'm wearing a gorgeous silver sparkly Essie polish (btw I just learned I hate Essie polish because it chips like the dickens), but regardless, having pretty nails makes me so happy.

However my nails are really weak. Almost 20 years of thyroid disease has given me weak, bendy, peeling, chipping nails. I already take supplements - biotin, iron, calcium, etc. My diet is super healthy. I wear gloves when I do dishes. And probably in a year they'll be stronger, as my body recovers. But what do I do in the meantime? What's the best moisturizer? Is there a non-acetone polish remover that actually works? What about strengthener? I use Sally Hanson Miracle Cure, but I'm not sure how much it actually does.

Help me, nail gurus!

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