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Let's talk fonts for a moment.

This is turning into quite a thing around here, I've seen TWO posts about fonts recently, even one on the MP. This makes me happy!

I have two different questions. As I start to expand out into different products and (time permitting) designs, I've been considering splitting into two different "brands" — one being more kid-oriented and the other being more adult. Is that a bad idea? I worry that lumping everything under one is going to be confusing, especially because I want to start doing some more type-driven stuff that will definitely be more adult. But then I am concerned that splitting between two will cause dilution. I might just be over-thinking it and I should chill. Probably that last part.


And, I want to know your thoughts on this font! I would like to stick with a sans serif as everything I do is so graphic and modern. And I am in luuuuuurv with Alright from OK Type.

It'll cost me ($300) but I require a fairly large family because I like to play with weights a lot. I think the italics are amazing, too. I've been hunting around for something that feels fresh but has some staying power and this is what's stuck out. Have you guys...those of you into this kind of thing, I guess...seen anything recently? What are you thinking of this family?

I hope it doesn't annoy you too much that I use as my sounding board constantly :-)

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