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Everyone keeps being so excited about the fact that both Logan and Jess will be coming back, but no one has said a peep about any of the characters that I actually care about coming back, including but not limited to:

  • Miss Patty
  • Babette
  • Taylor
  • April
  • Emily’s Fashion Consultant/dresser
  • Lucy and Olivia
  • Jackson’s brother Bo

And please, please let Kirk and Lulu have had a baby by now.

What do you guys want most in the GG reunion?

P.S. How do we feel about Sutton Foster being cast as part of it? Is she Amy Palladino’s best friend or what? I am curious but not excited because I’m sorry, there is just something irritating about her to me. I am hoping she is Miss Patty’s niece or something small.


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